Ligth in the darkness. It Is hope?

lunes, junio 04, 2007

Tell me what i should do
im losing you again and i cant take this anymore as im out moments
once again

Because you seems to be, but in reality its no surprise when i see
that look in your eyes

and i dont think you understand
and i dont think you understands how i feel
and i dont think you understands me
and i dont understand you anymore

but why you should when everything is so troubled in your family ..
and you are right .. i ask too much ..
even for that piece of the night .. a small taste of that life ...

Too much love is killing me ..

So tell me what i should do. im losing you again, i cant stay as i
always try and im too shy once again
you are not like me but now i started to see and i bet sometimes than
now i realize you are so occupied to think in me

I am, getting miserably depressed ...

Goodnigh .. hope this time it will be .. mostly for you ... and
forgive my maners .. but i could not wait anymore since my tears
started to lose their taste ..


Now answer one question:

How i suppose to do for continue with you?

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